Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Oh, My Aching...

Whether it's from too much gardening or running or playing on the weekend, how many of us start the week with aches and pains we might have never felt before? It seems as if our lower backs are so vulnerable. As the species that stands most of the time, we are more susceptible than others to developing back problems of every sort. Pam recently was diagnosed herself with osteoporosis in the lower back and is now focused on how to stop any further progression and make her back strong again.

For comfort, Pam really likes the Obus Forme Ultra Forme back rest support. This is the only back rest scientifically proven to decrease pressure on the back by 50%. Because sitting is one of the most stressful postures for the lower back, this S-shaped back rest support molds the spine into alignment. Pam testifies to the way her muscles relax when she uses the back rest at her desk. She and a number of our customers use them in their easy chairs or sofas, and also take them on the road, alleviating the discomfort that occurs while driving.

We will share her experiences here, as Pam works through different exercises and treatments for her back. Be sure to post a comment what kinds of remedies you use for lower back pain.

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Anonymous said...

I have found that laying on my back and gently stretching my hamstrings helps so much with my lower back pain.