Thursday, April 19, 2007

What Can I Do With That Old (or New) Thing?

Since we’ve been in the business of helping find solutions for all kinds of life’s challenges, we’ve become aware of another thing that can drive a person crazy. Used wheelchairs, walkers and scooters! This equipment is wonderful when being used to help someone maneuver through a temporary or permanent illness or injury. But we’ve all been faced with what to do with the stuff when it’s no longer needed. I’m sure you know someone who has a walker sitting in the garage, sure that one day someone in the family or a friend will need it. Or that scooter that Dad loved so much when his MS worsened. He thought for a while he’d never get out and about again. Like most vehicles, even power chairs and scooters lose value the minute they are driven away from the store, but that doesn’t mean there is not still a market or use for them out there. But where to turn?

We have been thinking about this since we opened the store, as we receive many calls about selling or giving away used medical equipment. Or in some cases, someone’s looking to buy something used because the need is so temporary. So, we decided to experiment by putting a bulletin board feature on our new website. To find it, take a tour around, and click on Exchange. You will see a place to post whatever it is you are looking to sell, buy or giveaway. In fact, a group of parents of kids with special needs are organizing a Toy Swap at Capabilities in the summer. They have already posted their event on the Exchange.

Please keep your expectations under control, though. While that power wheelchair Medicare covered for Mom might have had a sticker price of $5000, once she received it, the actual value diminished significantly. And Medicare won’t take it back. You probably know already that if you donate your used vehicle to a charitable or not-for-profit organization, you can most often take a tax deduction. Be sure to speak to your tax advisor on such matters.

You can browse the Exchange easily, but you will have to register and login in order to post items or respond to postings. This is to prevent malicious people from posting spam and other undesirable items.

Check out our Exchange feature and see if it fits your needs. It’s just one more way that we looking to provide resources to the community and each other. Let us know your thoughts by sending us an email or posting a comment (click on Comment link below).

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