Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Be Conscious of Your Energy

It is my pleasure this week to introduce you to Ingrid Elfver, a personal discovery author, artist, and teacher. As founder of Simply Authentic™, Ingrid helps others empower their unique and powerful Authentic Self. Originally from Sweden, Ingrid began her inspirational ministry after a life-transforming awakening. Simply Authentic™ is based on 16 years of research and life-transforming change with thousands of clients in the USA and abroad: celebrities, executives, entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers, parents, teenagers and children. Ingrid says, “Our personal energy is powerful, affecting not only our Self but also everyone around us. Everything we experience in our being--every thought, feeling, and belief--is visible to others.” Please note in Events that Ingrid will conduct one of her Simply Healing classes on June 19, free of charge. You can find more information at

Our personal energy is powerful, affecting not only our Self but also everyone around us. Everything we experience in our being--every thought, feeling, and belief--is visible to others. Positive or negative, every emotion that passes through our conscious or unconscious being is seen by (and has a powerful effect on) others.

Although we might sometimes like to think differently, there is nothing we can hide from anyone. In one way or another--sometimes subtle, sometimes profound--we all sense and feel each other. So it is important that we become more aware of, and learn to better manage, our negative energy: Stress, fear, and worry, as well as other limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Be more conscious of your energy. Use the Simple Tools for Authentic Living in this weekly column (Exercises, Mantra, Affirmation, Visualization, Meditation, Prayer, and Message from Source) to clear and refocus your energy. Have a positive, empowering effect upon your Self and everyone you encounter. Remember each moment that you are a positive, sparkling light Source. Ever and always, a brilliant being... Beaming out into the Universe.

  • Know your Self. Are you feeling tension or stress, having negative thoughts, or otherwise limiting your Self? Pay attention to what you are feeling. Then ask your Self why you are feeling it. Take some deep relaxing breaths.
  • Center your Self. You now know that you are feeling, you know what you are feeling, and you are breathing deeply. Reconnect with your Authentic Self. Align with your power, peace, and wholeness. Breathe out, releasing your tension. Breathe in the center of your Self: Your love and your light.
  • Be conscious. Know that you can slow down and breathe your Self back in. Visualize your energy as loving, compassionate, and present. Decide to be a positive and conscious energy, in your life and in other people's lives.
  • "I am conscious and embrace my positive energy."
  • "I am aware and conscious."
  • "I know my Self."
  • "I am positive energy."

  • Visualize your Self at peace with every part of your Self. See your personal energy being conscious and positive. Say to your Self, "I am the light". See and embrace your true and pure Authentic Self. Visualize your Self letting go of any negative thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Visualize your Self right now, consciously replacing them with positive, empowering, light-filled energy. Feel strong and at peace with your Authentic Self. You are conscious, filled with enthusiasm and positivity, every moment of this day.

  • Close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Turn your focus inward, reconnecting your Self with Source. Feel the love and light coming from Source, entering your body, heart, soul, spirit, and mind. Now breathe that positive and infinite flow into your Self, and know that this is your true energy. Feel this positive light healing and replacing all negativity. Take a deep breath and accept your Self, as a conscious and positive energy. Breathe in your light. Feel your Self emanating brilliant, loving, infinite light. You are shining with positive, compassionate energy, from the inside out.

Interfaith Prayer

  • My Source... Guide me to my Authentic Self... Show me how to stay connected with my true and empowered energy... Positive infinity... Help me choose what is good for me... And always be positive and conscious about what I need and feel... So I can always reconnect with my Authentic Self... And know that I truly am One with You... Ever and always... Blissed be...
Message from Source
  • “Choose to be a positive and empowered energy and force. You are my reflection."

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