Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dr. Marion Comes to Denver

We had the pleasure this past week of meeting Dr. Marion Somers, experienced geriatrician and care manager,who has provided care for more than 2,000 elderly clients while she owned and operated a thriving Geriatric Care Management practice. Dr. Marion is an accomplished lecturer who has presented the following seminars: “Care of an Aging Parent;” “Caring for the Caretaker;” “Counseling Skills;” “Dying, Death, and Bereavement;” “Geriatrics; Retirement Planning;” and “Stress Management for the Elderly.”

It is now Dr. Marion's goal to help caregivers everywhere by providing valuable insights and information. Her book, Elder Care Made Easier, helps caregivers maneuver through everything from the basics to some of the thornier decisions caregivers must make for their loved ones. It’s the kind of book you can pick up and choose a relevant chapter right in the middle, if it suits you. And it is easy to make your way through. While there is plenty of science and experience behind it, you don’t have to wade through all that to find practical information about caring for your aging parents or relatives.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Marion set out on a cross-country tour, visiting bookstores, recreation centers, assisted living centers, retirement communities, churches, libraries, bringing her message of caring and community building. She bought a 1960 something Greyhound bus that had been outfitted as a camper. She fixed it up, got a couple of great guys to do the driving and filming, and off she went. She’s making her way East from California. Denver and Capabilities were on the way! We felt honored to host her and show her our store. She interviewed us as part of the documentary she is making as she wends her way across America.

One of the most impressive qualities of Dr. Marion is her curiosity. Although she has spent a career understanding the aging process, she looks at each circumstance and each person with freshness and patience. It’s as if she is uncovering something new all the time. We were delighted, for example, to show her some things she had not yet discovered. Like the unique Xtenex Knoty Boy shoe laces that have knots to adjust a perfect fit at each set of eyelets. It’s an elastic lace that gives you complete ease slipping your shoes on and off. In fact, she bought a couple of pairs for the two excellent men who are her road crew on this great journey of hers. And our wonderful Chillow, especially great as the thermometer goes up this summer. Dr. Marion likes how we blend traditional products with a host of new and unique items that anyone can use.

We’ll be writing more about Dr. Marion. She has agreed to write a guest blog for us while on the road. Stay tuned. In the meantime you can visit her website at Sign up for her newsletter and read about her discoveries on the road. She is truly inspirational.


Anonymous said...

Kathryn - Pam,

I am thoroughly enjoying your newsletter! And I'm very proud of you two and what you have and are accomplishing! It seems like yesterday you were telling Clay and I what your dreams/plans were and now it's a total reality and from the sound of things, it's surpassed even your expectations! Love you, your cousin, Terry

Kathleen said...

Kathyrn & Pam -

Bathing is such a great topic and is often a real issue as you age. So helpful, so thank you!

Also - can't wait to hear more about "On the Road with Dr. Marion".