Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Saturday At The Air Show

Pam and I attended the open house for the newly named Rocky Mountain Airport (formerly Jefferson County Airport) over the weekend. In addition to all the usual open house festivities, the organizers hosted a big air show with vintage planes and a few surprises. We brought scooters and back cushions and all things comfortable. Pilots work hard, especially those that fly those smaller planes. One of the big hits was the Travel John. One pilot said those things have saved him many an unnecessary stop! It was a different venue for us and we liked it. Among the surprises were some impressive machines flown overhead courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

At one point, Pam looked towards the horizon and noted something unusual approaching. As thin as paper, this object emerged as the Stealth Bomber. What a unique airplane! It’s huge, bat-like, and almost silent. Its wafer thinness ensures its ability to approach without warning. We followed its daring moves as it flew low, soared upward and looped its way around the airport. How long had it been since we stared with necks bent upward, thrilled and curious!

The afternoon continued to awe us as more military marvels flew above us. The F-16 roared in as if propelled by a giant slingshot. It shot straight up into the heavens, disappearing for a second, looping around and around, upside down, inside out. A pilot nearby explained just what would be happening physically for that pilot were he not securely wrapped in a G-suit and helmet. Not a pretty sight to imagine!

Technology surprises and amazes us all the time. No sooner did this spectacle subside, leaving everyone in a chatting mood, than up drives someone to our canopy in a honey colored scooter. It looked familiar…and then, so did the man driving it, as did his family around him. All smiles, he asked how he looked in this riding machine. He had come into the store a while back, finally ready to get mobile again. He said, “I cannot imagine how I ever managed without this beauty!” His family agreed. “We would not be here together today,” they said. “He would have been home in front of the TV.” He was out and about in ways he had not been in ages. He even got to his grandson’s graduation recently.

So, in the same day, we experienced the jaw-dropping site of Air Force planes that are changing the way war and peace happen and the heart-warming scene of how this electric scooter that we picked out for our inventory months ago is changing the way one man and his family live. How lucky can you get!

Please tell us about a technology that is changing your life. We love your stories and are happy to put them on our website.

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