Monday, June 25, 2007

How In The World Do I….?

We get questions every day about stuff. We’ll highlight a question or two every week here and give you good information. If you have something to add to these discussions, please feel free to put in your two cents. You can post a comment or email us. So, here’s the kickoff for this series of everyday questions.

How Do I Determine the Correct Height for a Cane?

As with most things, your personal comfort should dictate how you respond to any circumstance. That said, there are some basic rules of thumb about mobility tools. To determine the correct height for a cane, your wrist should bend slightly. Your forearm should be at about a 30 degree angle while standing straight. Feeling steady and comfortable are essential to safety while using a cane. There are many options today that make the fitting of a cane a piece of cake. An adjustable cane, for example. Folding adjustable canes are great for travel.

A common follow up question about canes has to do with what side to hold the cane on. This should not be so difficult, but it is. Conventional wisdom, along with many professionals, suggest using the cane on the side with the injury, weakness or disability. Others argue that holding the cane on the stronger side adds further strength to shift and bear the weight more fully. Once again, experiment until you feel steady and comfortable. There are many types of canes, so be sure to try them out before you select.

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