Sunday, June 17, 2007

Featured Product: ArmRx Cast and Wound Covers

You know you’ve done it. You drag out the plastic bag to cover that cast or bandage and tie a rubber band or zip tie around it. You just cannot stand one more day of not taking a shower or bath, even though you are not supposed to get that injury wet while it’s healing.

Oops, the bag leaks! You jump out of the shower, soap still everywhere, worried you have just set yourself back. You find it hard to believe there is not something out there you can use. Why didn’t that doctor tell you about ArmRx.

ArmRx products are patented innovative lightweight sleeves and/or leggings that provide totally effective and watertight protection. ArmRx protectors are suitable for use anywhere there is bath water. You can see a great demo by visiting if you have any doubts about its effectiveness.

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