Saturday, April 18, 2009

At What Price Independence at a Time Like This

As I think about weighing in on these economic times, I find myself resisting talking about it on the one hand, and obsessing on the other. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I am faced nearly every moment with the impact of the economy as I watch people make very different decisions about their purchases. As an individual facing those same choices, I understand all too well why many are willing to "put off" buying some of the things that would make life easier and safer. It is remarkable the things that used to be "must haves" that are now "nice to haves." And, when we perceive something as nice to have, we feel better about delaying the purchase.

That said, I am satisified to be in a business that offers primarily "must have" products. While shoppers are making different choices, and more choices based solely on price, most of what Capabilities offers is part of a product mix that offers real solutions to life's challenges.

We write often in this blog about the vast array of choice you have as a consumer these days. And, our mission at Capabilities is to help you find the most relevant and appropriate solution. I honestly would rather not have you purchase a product if it is wrong than face a return of it a week or two later. Returns drive everyone crazy!

So, here is a small calculator of sorts to help you and your family factor in one of the biggest decisions that often face elders and those around them. Should we stay in our home or should we move? And if we decide to move, should we move to a smaller, single level home or apartment, or should we invest in an assisted living or residential retirement community setting? If you have faced or are facing this type of decision, you know that the angles you must consider are endless. But, without a doubt, the financial impact is often foremost in everyone's mind, whether each person admits to it or not.

At Capabilities, we have helped many families understand the financial impact of potential solutions to make the home safe and a very real option again as aging relatives approach a crossroads about their own independence and mobility. You can take the figures we share below as ballpark approaches to weighing the other options, at least from a financial perspective. Folks are often surprised about how manageable some of these options really are when positioned against the costs of moving and the expenses associated with some of the alternative living arrangements. In the end, you and your family will make the best decision. Please consider us a partner with you as you explore the options.

  • Stair lifts start at under $3000, installed.

  • Walk-in or soaker tubs start at $4200. We offer local installation st $1500 in most cases.

  • Adjustable mechanisms for kitchen cabinets, stove tops, sinks start at $1500. We have a network of installation experts in nearly every state that we value and trust to refer to you.

  • Automatic door openers start at just over $1000. We offer local installation from our own team of service experts or our national network of installers.

  • Portable ramps for inside or outside the home are available a wide price range from approximately $50 to $1500. Our local and national service experts can also help you determine more permanent ramp solutions from aluminum to treated wood solutions.

For under $20K, you can transform most homes into safer homes. Of course, you can spend a lot more, too, depending on your circumstances. Please do not eliminate an option too early on because you imagine the expense to be too high. Doing some research can bring surprising results, results that can help you or your elders stay independent AND financially secure for a long time.

Contact us for an in-home evaluation or advice on where to find someone who can do this if you are located outside the Denver metro area.

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