Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dr. Reeves Energizes Capabilities Low Vision Seminar

Our Low Vision events are always popular. The latest one on Monday, April 13, was extraordinary! With standing room only crowds rapt with attention, Dr. Diana Reeves wove together stories of her experiences as a retinal specialist and surgeon, the great advances being made every day in the field of eye research, and responses to questions from anyone who had one. She opened the floor early in her discussion to customize the event for the attendees. The response was terrific with questions ranging from what to do about implants gone wrong, to dry eyes, to wet and dry macular degeneration. Dr. Reeves brings spark and sizzle to what can be either a very dry subject or one that is frightening. She blends hope and optimism with large doses or realism. Many in the crowd stayed around afterwards to ask Dr. Reeves even more questions about their situations. Her advice overall, especially to those with macular degeneration, is to work with a specialist. While increasingly opthalmologists with general practices are learning more about macular degeneration, specialists invest in particular areas affected and become experts. In fact, Dr. Reeves spoke about the state-of-the-art technology in her office that allows her to take 3-D digital photographs of the retina and surrounding areas. I have had the privilege of seeing some of them and they are spectacularly detailed. She says she can see changes minute to minute through the use of this technology, especially useful when someone is suffering from a persistent problem.

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