Sunday, April 5, 2009

Featured Product: Arch Cradles

As you focus on foot health, especially this month, consider what kind of TLC you can offer your feet. When you walk, the foot absorbs one times the body's weight. Just imagine the strain and stress on your feet everyday, even if you have a desk job! I discovered arch cradles a few years ago when we first opened Capabilities. I previously had the kind of work that allowed me to sit down quite a bit during the day, so I was shocked at the end of my early days as the proud co-owner of a retail store that required me to be on my feet nearly all day long! It seemed as if every bone and muscle ached for relief. After consulting a number of folks, including a podiatrist, I tried over the counter arch cradles as a first approach. They worked! Adding the extra support under my arch and providing soothing pressure to the metarsal area of the foot (often called "the ball" of the foot, just under the toes) did the trick. I still feel some discomfort occasionally when we have an exceptionally busy day, but overall, I highly recommend arch cradles if you are experiencing pain in your toes, ball of the foot, arch or heel. Check out our arch cradles to learn more. I found a great website,, that does an interesting job explaining the foot and all conditions related to foot pain or discomfort.

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