Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Featured Events: Creative Wellness and Grief + Loss Workshops

Susan Bruckner, MA, GC-C has a background in Mental Health, Grief and Loss, Chronic Illness, Aromatherapy, Horticultural Therapy and in the philosophies of The Eden Alternative. Her dedication to improving the quality of life of Elders has laid the foundation for Elder Wellness’s Enrichment Programs. Through these programs, Susan offers a compassionate, creative, and respectful approach to wellness that honors the strengths and wisdom within each Elder and that emphasizes love, laughter, and life. Elder Wellness’s programs offer a unique twist to the traditional group approach to wellness and are guided largely by participants’ interests. Programs are available to individuals and groups and are brought to a location of your choice. Susan and we at Capabilities are pleased to offer a Creative Wellness and a Grief and Loss Support Group here at Capabilities, starting April 21. Please check our Events schedule for details.

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