Sunday, April 19, 2009

Featured Product: Duet Combo Walker Transport Chair

You know you have wondered why no one had invented this yet? Drive Medical already did! And what a sweet machine this is! Maybe you have been in this position with your mother, Aunt Marge, or Grandpa. You start out fresh for a day on the town, walker in tow. It is even the walker with the seat. Sure enough, after a while, that seat comes in handy for a rest. But, then, after a bit longer, walking at all seems too difficult for your sweet relative or friend. What to do now? You cannot safely push a typical rolling walker with someone sitting on it. The risk of tipping over is too great. Well, put all that worry behind you now. The Duet makes it easy. Use it as a rolling walker for as long as is comfortable. Then, with a few simple moves, convert it to a transport chair, safe enough and easy to push along no matter where you are. There is even a convertible footrest to make it all the more comfy. See details or purchase one now.

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