Thursday, May 17, 2007

Exchange: Buy, Sell or Donate Used Equipment

You may have noticed we have a tab on our website called Exchange. We’ve mentioned it before, but we thought it was time to draw your attention to it again. We created that space in direct response to our customers’ requests about what to do with that walker or wheelchair of Mom’s or Dad’s now that they no longer need it. Street value of all equipment drops like a rock once it’s out of the showroom. You know that from all the cars you’ve purchased over the years. On the other hand, there are always folks looking for equipment whether it be for a permanent illness or injury or something more temporary. As insurance and Medicare rules change continuously, many are finding it too difficult to purchase new products. Our Exchange bulletin board gives you the chance to post your need, whether you have something to sell or want to buy. We also encourage donations to non-profit organizations. When you make such a donation, you can usually write off the value of that object on your taxes. Check with your tax advisor on this before you proceed.

If you have equipment in good and usable condition in your basement or garage that you’ve said a thousand times you want to do something with, now is the time. It’s still a new feature, of course, but as you post, we get more traffic. You get more eyeballs seeing what’s out there.

Be sure to see the Toy Swap planned for July. Check our Events page, too, for more information.

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