Monday, May 21, 2007

Now Hear This!

We have not talked much about hearing in these blogs. It's time! It turns out it is often one of the first senses to diminish as we age. And with the noisy world we're in, it's happening faster. One-third of people over 60 and fully one-half over 85 experience hearing loss. This type of gradual hearing loss is called presbycusis and it is not reversible. Doctors believe that heredity and exposure to noise are the main contributors to hearing loss. Loud noise wears on parts of the inner ear causing the clarity of sound, then the volume of sound to diminish. I remember when my mother started experiencing hearing loss. At first, she told us all to speak up and stop mumbling. We'd come home for a visit to the TV blaring. It took us time to convince her she was losing her hearing. When she finally agreed to a hearing aid, the world was great for a long time for her... and us. Then, the other ear started to go and the decline was precipitous. With two hearing aids to manage, she was less motivated. Many times during the day she would turn them down or off completely. She withdrew from conversations and eventually began avoiding social situations altogether.

She was not uncommon in her response to hearing loss. I meet people every day who have a loved one who is either well down the road and resistant to help or who is just beginning to experience hearing loss. In addition to hearing aids, there are many tools available to enhance sound for someone at various stages of hearing loss.

We are always on the lookout for new products in all categories. We have one in particular that has offered great relief to many customers and their families. It's called DirectEar 100 TV System and it's one of the finest products on the market. It is an infrared listening system that provides crystal clear audio up to a distance of 40 feet. This makes it a perfect solution for watching TV. It connects easily to any television or sound system and comes with a stereo transmitter, receiver, rechargeable battery and all the required cables. There are other brands on the market, but we chose this one because of its clarity and ease of use.

You can stop by Capabilities if you are local to the area and experience the DirectEar 100 for yourself with our display demo.

While you're there, take a look at the array of other solutions we have for hearing loss. We carry numerous phones, for example. I especially like the C440 Cordless Amplified Phone. It combines the convenience of a cordless with the practicality of an amplified phone for those with hearing loss. It is one of our most popular phones. We have a huge collection of phones, vibrating clocks and watches and other tools for those with hearing loss.

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