Monday, May 28, 2007

Internet Classes

If you’ve been a faithful reader, you may remember that Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay were our first featured bloggers a number of weeks ago. They are the folks who deliver those wonderful and relevant computer classes. Many thanks to them for that great contribution. We heard from a number of people who came into the store that they loved those tips on using Google more effectively. And that was just the teaser! Be sure to sign up for their classes in June. There are two: Hidden Google Treasures of the Internet; and Hidden Travel Treasures of the Internet. You can sign up online! See our Events.
Hidden Google Treasures of the Internet.
Everybody has heard of Google, but most of us don’t realize the true power of Google until we learn all of its productivity secrets. If you think the amount of information out there is just overwhelming, Google and the other top search engines offer ways to target what you are looking for and get to it quickly. If you think these sites are just a simple search engines, think again. The productivity tools, public relations, advertising and networking potential of Google, Yahoo and Ask are currently being captured by only a few of the most forward thinking companies. Beginners and experts alike will not only learn ways to search more effectively, but also how to put the most effective strategies to work to for your business.
Hidden Travel Treasures of the Internet.
Online travel is exploding in popularity because it saves you money, is convenient and can be put to work for your very next trip. Hidden Travel Treasures of the Internet is the perfect way to put the Internet to work for you. Michael & Sheryl will again weave their Internet magic by whittling down thousands of travel sites to those that actually provide value, adventure and service. They’ll take you off the beaten track to discover ideas for vacations you just can’t pass up. And, they’ll even fire up your fantasy armchair-travel world Come hear about last minute deals; safety and research; gizmos and gadgets; adventure and luxury travel, and much, much more.

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