Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Women are hot! It’s a known fact. But, before I get into trouble, let me clarify. I mean hot as in interesting, unusual, appealing, electrifying, marked by intensity of emotion, fiery. Okay, and sexy, too. I also mean just plain hot, sizzling, as in temperature. It used to be taboo to speak about the transition in women’s lives known as menopause. While our mothers probably did not speak much about it, and theirs certainly did not, I find some, at least, are willing to share a knowing nod about it now as those of us at this stage fan ourselves, peel off layers, try to act cool even in the midst of an inferno.

Have you noticed, though, that there is an awful lot of acknowledging going on about this stage of life? And some of it with humor and those “knowing looks?” Fun stuff, too? Have you seen “Menoplause: The Musical” yet? It was so fun watching women of all ages, especially those of a “certain age,” laugh out loud at the many familiar moments we have finessed our way through over the ages, instead of feeling alone and crazy. What a relief!

We’ve already talked before about how happy we were to discover “Hotflash! The Menopause Game,” designed to provoke laughter, conversation and discovery about little known facts about women.

And then there’s the “Chillow,” an insert for your pillow that you fill with water. It has a gel-like substance inside designed to keep your pillow cool while you sleep. If you have ever had a hotflash (or a fever or if you are someone, woman or man, who flips the pillow all night), this item is a treat. “Too cool for words,” says one of our customers, loyal to the Chillow.

Oh, yes, menopause still has its serious moments. I know lots of women experiencing physical and sometimes psychological changes that have the power to transform some their lives in ways that are unpleasant, even worrisome. One web site lists 35 symptoms that can suggest the onset of menopause, including feelings of dread and doom, memory lapses, and sudden bouts of bloat. And with the aging of Baby Boomers now well underway, thousands of women enter this stage every day.

Lucky for us, though, the taboo is broken. There are countless websites, books and resources suggesting potential solutions to the discomforts and other impacts of menopause.

How many of you out there are cursing right now as the flames shoot through your body? What are you doing to find relief? And how are the people in your lives handling your transition? Are there books or websites you have found helpful? Be sure to post your comments on this hot topic.

Staying cool definitely keeps women hot!

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