Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Roll Your Way to Freedom!

The warm weather this past week brought everyone out, it seems. I saw joggers, walkers, tennis players, in-line skaters, and loungers galore everywhere I looked. We also had our share of people coming into Capabilities asking for ice packs, braces, Pain Wizard…and crutches. I can’t tell you how many stories we heard of broken ankles, twisted ankles, sprained ankles. And, how many people are excited when they learn about the RollerAid.

Over the past few years, many manufacturers have experimented with something to replace crutches when there is an injury to the foot. We’ll talk another time about how the basic design of crutches has not changed since the time of the pharaohs, but anyone whose had to use those things knows how uncomfortable they can be. While useful (and inevitable with certain leg injuries), the emerging technology for rolling knee supports is impressive. We were delighted to find RollerAid a couple of years ago. It looks like a tricycle of sorts with a large padded cushion on which you rest the knee and lower portion of the leg with the injured foot. It features swivel wheels, a significant improvement over some of the other popular brands, allowing you to effectively drive the vehicle where you need to go, rather than having to lift it to change direction.

One of the most interesting aspects of the RollerAid is that is also helps with balance, something crutches can actually compromise. And we’ve heard first hand from our customers that they’ve noticed a difference staying more active by using it. With crutches, they just do the essentials; with RollerAid they actually get out and about more frequently. We even had a customer who got three of them. She lives in a tri-level home and wanted one for each level. Unfortunately, the RollerAid can’t climb stairs yet. Maybe one day…

It’s convenient, too, with a collapsible handle, a drink holder, and a great basket. The newer models we carry have locking swivel wheels so when you’re on a straight surface with few reasons to turn, you can gather some speed and get rolling!

Of all our rental items, we have the most requests for this product. We have a huge fleet and there is constant turnover. If you have not discovered RollerAid yet, come in and check it out. If you have used one, tell us about your experience by posting a comment here.

We typically do rent this product, although we have had some folks with chronic foot conditions or surgeries buy one. It really makes a difference! Please email us about renting or buying a RollerAid.

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