Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Relaxing Lift

Speaking of summer and relaxing…
We went on the search for a reclining lift chair that had a modern look and feel. The popularity of traditional styles has carried over many years and into many homes. And while some of the well-known manufacturers have recently introduced new fabrics, such as leather and microfibers, most reclining lift chairs still work best in homes with classic or traditional décor. So, we went on our search. We uncovered a brand new player, Nex[Idea]. They have created the Nex[Chair]. Funny punctuation but great chairs. They boast many of the standard features of lift and recline chairs, with an adjustable head and neck support and a multi-pocket organizer on the side. The design is leading edge and sleek, and the colors unique. We especially like the Tangerine in buttery soft Nex[Suede].

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