Sunday, March 4, 2007

Unique Gifts

So, are you stumped yet? How many stores have you looked in for that unusual gift so far? You know, the gift for that person who has everything, or wants nothing, or the one you know would appreciate something unique and unusual, if only you could find it. We know we have some one-of-a-kind items because we have some exclusive arrangements. You saw our previous blog on mobile art. That’s a great example of something wonderful for that hard-to-find-someone on your list.

And have you heard about the board game, HotFlash? Created by Denver local, Kari Epstein, this hilarious game leads players through a series of challenges around the board. Designed for fun and interesting conversation, the game was also a finalist for the Stevie Award for Best New Product. Kari is an accomplished cellist in addition to this entrepreneurial adventure as a board game inventor. Here's for a sample of a couple of the provocative suggestions when you land on the Hotflash space: Do a hula dance; Name 5 women living or dead whom you admire and say why; Describe an exotic romantic encounter, real or otherwise.

Check back here as we add more unusual gift ideas.

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