Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Reclining Chairs

Ahhh! Oh, that feeling of landing in a favorite chair at the end of a long day! Given that we have a huge selection of reclining lift chairs, we got curious about the history of comfy chairs. Recliners appeared as early as the 1920s with a wood-slat porch chair that tipped back. By the ‘50s the motorized recliner found its way into many American homes. In the ‘80s, chair manufacturers experimented with adding lift mechanisms to traditional recliners making it easier for a person to get in and out of the chair. Today reclining lift chairs are a growing part of the alternatives to comfort and independence.

Reclining lift chairs are a versatile choice for anyone wanting luxury and practicality. A reclining lift chair gives a sense of comfort and relief especially when certain physical conditions exist. Arthritic knees, swollen legs or ankles, poor circulation, painful back or hip problems, severe breathing conditions, or certain heart conditions make the daily activity of sitting and standing unassisted nearly impossible. Some lift chairs recline to a position where the feet are above the heart, a useful therapy for severe swelling and congestive heart failure.

When looking for a reclining lift chair, keep a few key things in mind:
1. Be sure you know what symptoms you are working to eliminate. Talk with your doctor or physical therapist. Discuss the details with a trained staff person.
2. Always try out a lift chair. With so many designs and sizes, the only guarantee for comfort is how it feels to you.
3. Know the dimensions of the space where you plan to locate the chair. There are space saver models that only require a six inch clearance rather than the usual foot or more.
4. Shop with a reputable company that sells well-known brands. A reclining lift chair is more than a regular recliner with a lift mechanism.

We went on the search for a reclining lift chair that had a modern look and feel. The popularity of traditional styles has carried over many years and into many homes. And while some of the well-known manufacturers have recently introduced new fabrics, such as leather and microfibers (with fancy names like Brisa and Promessa), most reclining lift chairs still work best in homes with classic or traditional d├ęcor. Good examples include the chairs from Pride and Golden collections that we have in the store. We went on our search, though for something a bit more modern looking and uncovered a brand new player, Nex[Idea]. They have created the Nex[Chair]. They boast many of the standard features of lift and recline chairs, with an adjustable head and neck support and a multi-pocket organizer on the side. The design is leading edge and sleek, and the colors unique. We especially like the Tangerine in buttery soft Nex[Suede]. Check them out on our Web site.

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