Monday, March 12, 2007

Sore Aching Muscles

We love finding out about solutions to life’s annoying and sometimes debilitating wiles. We also love it when the solution comes from another Coloradan. Mikel Klees from Johnstown, Colorado, got tired of trying one thing after the other for muscle pain and the more persistent pains of arthritis that seem to creep up somewhere around 50 or so. She also got tired of all the chemicals in the stuff we buy over the counter. Her Pain Wizard is a mix of natural remedies, such as boswellia from the resins of the Boswellian tree, eucalyptus, willow’s bark and witch hazel. We have a little experiment we do when people come into our store. If they have an ache or pain, we encourage them to try out a bit of Pain Wizard on that spot while they are walking around. Inevitably, by the time they have done a lap around the store, they have noticed a significant improvement. It’s hard to deny when something works. Tell us your story and how you deal with either the every day annoying kind of aches and pains that come from living or the more serious types. We’ll share some of your ideas in later blogs.

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