Friday, March 16, 2007


Traveling fills the hearts and minds of many during the winter months. And some actually go somewhere and not just dream about it!
We think about travelers and all the things to make travel easy enough to enjoy. We notice that a staple for traveling now is the pillow. Have you noticed how many people carry their own with them on airplanes? We came upon the Twist-It awhile back when we were looking for something unusual and flexible, but comfy, too. It bends easily to conform to your most challenging comfort need. It works well in any vehicle, but since it does not have its own travel bag, we see it especially on road trips. The Side-to-Side by Obus Forme has also been extremely popular. We especially like the collection by Bucky. Their designs and colors are fun and they pack easily into a carry-on bag for air travel. Where are you going this summer?

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