Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mobile Art

We are so excited about our find! We came upon a local artist, Amy Vicioso, who a few years ago was so moved by the story of a friend of a friend that she created a whole new painting technique. Here’s the story.
Gladys Smith, the inspiration for MediArt Outfitters, was the youngest of nine children, born on February 24, 1923 in Pioneer Iowa. Her family moved to Fort Dodge, Iowa where she lived for 61 years. In 1943 Gladys enlisted in the Navy, becoming a WAVE Seaman First Class. She was stationed at Algiers Naval Base in New Orleans, where her colleagues called her "The Blonde Bombshell".
After the war, Gladys was a waitress in Fort Dodge for many years and loved her work. As a divorced single mother, she taught her children to be responsible and frequently told them, "If you don't have a good time it's your own fault."
She moved to Colorado in 1991 and that's where and when the inspiration for this business began. An unfortunate boating accident caused her serious injury that left her unable to walk any distance. But she kept a positive attitude despite her challenging health problems. "Any morning you place your feet on the floor, it's a good day," she would often say.
Gladys had a sense of style and feminine charm all her own. She was a classy dresser and loved fashion accessories. So, after the accident it was natural for her to view her new mode of transportation (i.e. wheelchair) as a fashion statement. However, her wheelchair was old, rusty and standard issue – anything but unique. She valued her independence and freedom to get out of the house but wasn't about to be seen in that old thing. She spurred Amy along to do something about it. With a minimal amount of effort her wheelchair was transformed into a beautiful, faux-leopard skin fashion accessory on wheels. A classy ride for a classy lady!
So began Amy’s journey creating classy and elegant wear for those with permanent or temporary disabilities. She hand paints canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs. Her unique technique transforms these objects into works of art. We are now the exclusive distributor for Amy’s work. She will even contemplate special requests if we ask her nicely!

Take a look for yourself at our unique mobile art.

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