Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Traveling

More travel ideas…
Do you get nauseous riding in the back seat or while on a cruise? E-ZY Travel Wrist Bands are a dream, we have found. They pop into your pocket or purse and slip on your wrist discretely.
If road trips are your thing, especially back road trips, or camping and hiking, or if you just want to feel extra comfortable, we discovered a gem of a thing, Travel John comes in a three-pack of disposable, odor-free pouches, for use by men or women. Pretty handy!
We have had good feedback on folding seat canes, too. You can take one along on a local tour or a faraway one.
Walking sticks. Images of rugged mountain hiking come to mind. See some of our favorites in the store. We learned from an interesting local that there is evidence walking sticks provide more stability than ordinary canes even for navigating city streets. If you'd like to learn more about his research, post a comment here and we'll follow up.

What are some of your favorite travel gadgets and tools?

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