Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hot Flash!

Have you heard about the board game HotFlash! ?

Created by Denver local, Kari Epstein, this hilarious game leads players through a series of challenges around the board. Designed for fun and interesting conversation, the game was also a finalist for the Stevie Award for Best New Product. Before becoming an entrepreneurial adventurer, Kari toured with the Mantovani Orchestra as an accomplished cellist.

Here's a sample of the provocative suggestions when you land on the Hotflash space: Do a hula dance; Name 5 women living or dead whom you admire and say why; Describe an exotic romantic encounter, real or otherwise.

Whether you play to win or just play to play, after an evening of HotFlash!, you’ll never think of menopause the same way again.

$29.95 This and thousands of other products are at our store in Westminster.

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Anonymous said...

This looks like terrific fun!!