Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are You Making Plans for Springtime Visitors?

This is the time of year when we field many requests for rental equipment. With weddings, graduations and family get-togethers in the planning stage, don't forget that you do not have to buy many of the items you will need to make your home safe for aging relatives. Or, if you know that your grandmother can manage with a walker usually, but you want to get her out to see the many beautiful sights in Colorado, consider renting a transport wheelchair. This type of wheelchair is lightweight, so it is easy on the person getting it into and out of the car and doing the pushing. Yet, most typical transport chairs are sturdy enough to carry folks up to 275 lbs. We have a selection of larger transport chairs available for purchase if your loved one will be coming frequently and needs a bit larger chair to be safe and comfortable.

We also rent walkers, both the traditional two-wheeled type and the four-wheeled version for that special someone who generally does just fine around the house, but needs some extra safety and comfort while walking through our many beautiful parks, for example.

Scooters become a favorite rental item this time of year, too. We offer a nice selection of smaller, travel type scooters for individuals weighing under 250 lbs. These travel models come apart easily for transporting in the trunk of a car. With the additional of a rental ramp, you can easily push the scooter into a van or SUV without taking it apart. We also plan on adding a couple of larger models for those who may need extra room and additional safety features.

So, as you plan for spring and summer family gatherings, don't fret about the arrival of Aunt Sue or Great-Grandpa. Let Capabilities help you and them "be unlimited" with the help of our rental fleet. We can also help you find products you can purchase to make the bathroom and bedroom safer for their visits, too. Contact us for more ideas.

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