Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Emergency Response Systems

By now, most people know that there are systems and gadgets of every sort to help you and those you are caring for. Some units operate as simply as a phone that only dials 911. It works without the need of monitoring fees or set up fees. The small cell-like phone is easy to manage and can be used as a pendant. With the push of one button there is direct access to 911. The advantages of this approach is its simplicity and reasonable price. The user must feel comfortable with the fact that he or she is actually calling 911 for help. Some users are reluctant to ask for help if it means calling out the 911 rescue team. Discussing your needs as a caregiver and those of the person you are caring for is always essential before making any kind of decision about emergency response systems.

More elaborate approaches are growing more and more popular as caregivers juggle their own needs for work or long-distance caregiving. Monitored systems generally require an installation fee and a monthly charge. Services range from the basic ability to push a button (either on a console or a pendant; some offer a watch-like option that the user can wear everywhere around the house as s/he would a pendant) to medication reminder calls to companion calls on a frequency determined by the family. Some offer a monitoring system with a strong enough signal that allows the individual to be outside in the yard, for example. Others will only work while the person is in the house.

At Capabilities we have done research on the many options available on the market today and we certainly have our favorites. If you would like more information about the services that we recommend, please contact us. We would love to discuss your needs and help match you to the emergency response system that will work best for your needs right now.

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