Monday, March 16, 2009

March is DVT Awareness Month

DVT - Deep Vein Thrombosis. It is often called a silent disease that can kill you. The clot that forms can break loose and move through the blood stream, risking getting stuck in the lung, heart or brain. Sudden death can occur. This is a condition not to be taken lightly. High risk situations for DVT are prolonged bedrest, recent surgery, sitting for long periods of time in cars or on planes, obesity, cigarette smoking, to mention a few. Some individuals are prone to clotting and if are one of those, you need to speak with your physician about the risk of DVT.

One of the ways to protect your legs and circulation is to wear compression socks or stockings. Graduated compression helps your body keep the blood circulating in your legs. If you travel quite a bit or for long durations, for example, wearing compression stockings will help you manage the trip. You can choose compression of various levels, although discussion with your physician is advised if you are looking at compression at levels over 20mmHG (millimeters of mercury). So-called "street levels" of compression (below 20mmHG) are available in many styles and colors, in socks, or in sheer or opaque stockings. You can also choose knee or thigh length or pantyhose styles.

So, celebrate March in yet another way! Get smart about DVT and your risk for this condition. Then do whatever it takes to ensure leg health. We can help you at Capabilities. We carry Juzo and Activa brands. We can also get other name brands for you if you prefer. Check out knee high casual or dress socks to incorporate easily into your every day.

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