Friday, March 27, 2009

Featured Product: PikStik

We love the PikStik. Have you seen it yet? This is quite the unique reacher. Wider rotating jaws, a locking mechanism, ergonomic trigger, and its durable, safe and lightweight design make this the ideal reacher for all purposes. We have customers who keep finding new uses for the Pikstik at home, at work, in the yard. What we especially like is that this comes in different lengths! The rotating head prevents you from having to twist your hand and arm in crazy ways. PikStiks are precise enough to pick up a dime, yet sturdy enough to lift 5 pounds. Typical reachers have been a godsend to folks for a long time. One of the usual complaints, however, is that you need strength to grab the object and holdthat grip while you move or carry that object. What happens if you don't have that hand strnegth? Oops! How frustrating is that to drop the very thing you are after, sometimes multiple times. Take a closer look at the Pikstik and compare to the one you might be currently using. Better still, buy one now.

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