Friday, March 13, 2009

Understanding Tea Time

Andrea Doenges from The Teaspot in Boulder brought delicious teas to our tea tasting on March 12 at Capabilities. She also brought a wealth of information about the history of tea, its healthful benefits, and why some cultures are built on tea time. Did you know that all tea comes from the same plant? The plant grows differently in certain soils providing some natural differences. Most of the uniqueness of tea, however, comes from when it is picked, whether it is dried, for how long, and what it is mixed with. I also did not realize that it is unwise to pour boiling water onto green or white tea leaves. It is always best to wait a couple of minutes before pouring so as not to burn the more tender leaves.

The whole hour was filled with such tidbits, not to mention interesting flavors. Several of the guests were tea drinkers, but one or two were new to it and jumped in with enthusiasm to expand their horizons. "Wow," exclaimed Robin. "It certainly is not your basic Lipton tea bag, is it?" No, indeed.

We are introducing a new product from The Teaspot, the Tuffy Steeper, a personal fold up steeping device that you can take on the road with you. See it for yourself or buy one for a favorite tea drinker in your life. A great surprise gift for under $10.

What is your favorite tea? Tell us and we will put your name in a hat with others who take a moment to send us a note. You might just be a winner and get something wonderful from us!

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