Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Pre-Owned Products

With this economic squeeze continuing, our customers are on the search for bargains they can trust. This year we have introduced a broader selection of pre-owned products in categories that are generally considered too expensive for many folks to consider. Power wheelchairs, for example, are a much desired item for aging relatives or for those whose conditions, such as MS, ALS and Parkinson's disease are advancing, making mobility more and more of a challenge. While power wheelchairs are a Medicare covered item, many people do not qualify based on their diagnosis or situation, or Medicare might have previously paid for equipment that they consider still operable. You might recall from earlier discussion in our blog about Medicare coverage, the eligibilty requirements for power vehicles is dependent on your physician's diagnosis, prognosis and detailed evaluation. Capabilities then performs an in-home evaluation to determine usability requirements. Medicare covers products for use based on needs inside the home, not outside.

Our selection of pre-owned, affordable power chairs has grown significantly over the past couple of months. See our previous discussion of some of these products, including details about the power chairs and pricing. We have also added reclining lift chairs, low vision equipment, and the occasional patient bed, a semi-electric bed similar to a hospital bed to help with home care.

Don't miss our wonderful special on a pre-owned reclining lift chair that was only in someone else's hands for two months. We sold the chair originally, so we know exactly its history. Not only is it a classic, but this chair comes with heat and massage, often a luxury that many people agree to live without. You can get this chair, complete with heat and massage, a manufacturer's warranty, AND our own labor warranty for $1000!! Contact us now if you would like more information about this incredibly affordable and comfortable solution for you or someone you care about.

Please contact us for more information about our pre-owned products or stop by our flagship store to see for yourself what value you can get from shopping with Capabilities.

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