Sunday, March 1, 2009

Featured Product: Wear Close Primera Ostomy Wear

Of the 150,000 people who will be diagnosed this year with colorectal cancer, many will undergo a colostomy. This process, which creates an opening in the lower abdomen for exiting fecal matter, is often reversed after a period of time is allotted for healing from CRC surgery. There are ostomies of all types, some requiring smaller or slightly larger openings. In all cases, individuals experiencing an ostomy of some sort, seek options to ensure a return to physical and sexual intimacy. We carry the Wear Close Primera garment, a supple, smooth covering, available in black or beige, that is the closest thing to skin you can find. The company's motto is: "The next best thing to being naked." Founded by a Coloradoan and his wife, this product surpasses all others in this category.

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Ostomy said...

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Ransi Plick said...

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