Saturday, March 28, 2009

Capabilities Offers Free Gift Registry Service

Have you seen the joke going around? Two older folks, George, 92, and Margaret, 89, find each other, fall in love and decide to get married. While strolling, talking about wedding plans, they walk into (and here we will take some liberties with this joke) Capabilities and engage in the following conversation:
"Do you have compression stockings to help with circulation?"
"Yes, indeed, we do," responds one of Capabilities' trained staff people.
"What about medication reminders?"
"Yes, of course."

"And, pads to put on furniture for times when we can't make it to the bathroom fast enough?" George added. "oh, yes, and padded underwear or adult diapers?"
"I can show you all these things," replied our staff person.
"Magnifiers, phones that amplify, and reclining lift chairs?"
"Yes, yes and yes."
"Great," said George. "We are going to use your store for our bridal gift registry."

We sure got a chuckle from this joke that many folks have sent us over the past couple of weeks. It also gives us the chance to remind everyone that we offer gift registry services, and have since the day we opened. Having this ability was one of the features we looked for when we purchased our computerized point-of-sale system.
It is quite simple. Whether you are in the store or online, we can set you up in a jiffy. It is a great feature for that hard-to-buy-for someone in your life. Or, perhaps you are that hard-to-buy-for someone! Everyday, we see mothers and fathers, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles roaming through our store, admiring something or other they might like to have, but feel they "just don't need." It is the perfect time for us to offer to capture some of those ideas on a wish list they can refer family or friends to later on when that special occasion comes around. Grandpa does not really need another pipe most likely, but might surely want that gas cap wrench or fishing pole holder that he can set up on his wheelchair now that spring is on its way.

There are all kinds of unique AND practical gift ideas at Capabilities. And, we are already way ahead of that story making its rounds. It is no joke, really. Mom and Dad might really want something from our collection!

Send us your contact information and we will set you or a loved one up today. Then you can browse our online store or stop by and point out what you would like to have.

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