Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Capabilities Expands Selection of Pre-Owned Products

As the economy bears down on all of us, people everywhere are making sacrifices, holding off on purchases that they might once had considered a necessity, but now have put on the "someday" list. We see folks everyday wishing they could get their mother that reclining lift chair that could make all the difference in her enjoying the day to day. Or, the woman who came in recently searching for a way to get her husband out of the house again. He gets around the house on a walker alright, so Medicare won't cover a power wheelchair. But she knows if he had one, he would be willing to visit the kids and maybe go to Target with her occasionally. There is Aunt Bess whose macular degeneration has gotten bad enough that her old trusty handheld magnifier just won't do the trick to read the morning paper anymore.

If you recognize one of these stories, or have your own wish list, visit or contact us for more information about some of our pre-owned products. We will tell you just what we know about these products, many of them sold originally by Capabilities, so we know for sure their history. Here is just a sampling:

Pride Z Chair: $3000
Pride Jazzy Power Chair with elevating leg rests and wide seat: $1500
Pride Reclining Lift Chair with Heat & Massage: $1000
Telesensory Olympia Video Reader: $1200

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