Sunday, March 8, 2009

Featured Product: Walk-In Tub Takes the Worry Out of Bath Time

The bathroom becomes the most dangerous place in the house very quickly as the aging process begins. Getting stuck in the bathtub is one of the biggest problems. Fire departments get dozens of calls to "rescue" someone stuck in the tub. The old trick of getting onto your knees and holding onto the side of the tub works for a while. Then one day, you discover you cannot actually get over onto your knees. It happened to my mom years ago. Talk about panic. Luckily, one of us was at home with her at the time, so was able to help. Even so, it was quite difficult.

More and more people are rethinking things and looking into remodels of bathrooms. One option is to pull out the tub and replace it with a walk-in tub. You will find a myriad of models available now to match your specific needs. One of the most affordable walk-in tubs on the market today is the Sanspa. We like it because of its looks and its guarantee. The tub is under warranty from end to end (including the seal!) for five years. It is pretty hard to beat that coverage. You can also choose between water jets and air jets, an option that might make the difference for an aging parent who worries about the "Jacuzzi" effect. The seat is already in ADA compliance giving that extra height for ease of sitting and getting up. Learn more about the Sanspa walk-in tub. Contact us for a free consultation and discussion of installation. If you are in the Denver metro area, we can install for a flat affordable fee nearly every time.

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